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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Facebook is Dying

Several studies indicate that Facebook is declining in popularity among the teens and recent college grads.
Teens especially are switching to other forms of social media.
Twitter broadcasts to anyone willing to listen.
WhatsApp has overtaken Facebook as the number one way to send messages to  acquaintances.
Snapchat is used for close friends to communicate and send images which “self-destruct”          
Facebook is still a way to keep in touch with family and still popular with the older folks.

It seems there is nothing worse for Facebook than having a teen get a "follow me" request from their mom.

 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


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 Google Plus+
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is the Internet Down?

Right in the middle of our morning broadcast, the internet went down.
Well, not all of it... but it seemed like it here. The video stream from the WTLS studio stopped.  A second later the audio on the tune-in app went silent.
I picked up the phone and called WLTS. A recorded phone company message informed me the number was not in service. I monitor several computers in real time on my second desktop. A glance at the list showed them turning red, one by one. Next I went to the site. The big red hole in Alabama told me it was beyond my control. The yellow areas scattered all over told me something serious was happening. A quick glance at my RSS news feeds told me nothing. To I continued checking various other  web monitoring sites. Traffic seemed unusually high, then I found a site that looks for denial of service attacks. These attacks are form thousands or maybe millions of PC's infected with virusus. There were 11 different attacks in progress. It is rare that I see one or two. Microsoft and Google were up, but a lot of sites were dowm. In an hour, things returned to normal, but that evening when people got off work, the attacks and problems started again as people brought their home devices on line. By then the anti virus stuff had it under control.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tallassee Game tonight. 7:30

If the cell coverage permits, we will broadcast the game tonight. I'm re-posting a Facebook post from Steve Segrest about the game.

This is an update on the 8u World Series as it stands today: we (Alabama/Tallassee) will play North Carolina tonight at 7:30. IF WE WIN we will play the winner of Tennessee/Louisiana on Wednesday at 6:00 for the National Championship. We would have to lose twice to them if this happens. IF WE LOSE then there will be 3 teams with one loss. One of these teams will get a bye to the national championship game. The two who do not get a bye will play and the winner will then play the team with the bye for the national championship. So as long as we win today we are in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

Hope you will join us.
Bob. (Producer,

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Recover Lost Laptops and Smart Phones

What do you do when your phone, tablet or laptop are lost or stolen?

Here is a completely unexpected demo of "Prey", a program you install on you mobile devices before they get lost. There is a short intro as Michael reads some "unfounded" police reports. Then I skip  to the fun part.

It is bad enough when someone gets their hands on all your photos and personal data, but when they have your device, it's even worse. What? you didn't make a backup?

If you do nothing else, at least prepare you device for the worst possible thing that can happen! It ends up in the hands of someone else!

I don't recomend stuff unless I actually use it. I've tried other recovery programs, but this one is the best deal.
  • Prey is Free for up to three devices.
  • You don't get charged anything to track you device when it is lost.
  • It does not slow down you PC or tablet. It doesn't even show up, so a thief can't easily remove it.
  • If your device goes missing, just log into the Prey website( and mark the device as missing.

  • Install "Prey" on your smart phone and portable devices.Do it before they go missing. It will not work if you don't install it before it is lost.

    Give yourself some chance of recovering it, but even better, disable it, post a reward message on it's screen, make it emit loud annoying alarm sounds, have it report it's current location, and send you a picture of the person who has it (assuming your device has a camera).
    For a complete guide to recovering your lost device, visit my blog at "Bob's Bytes"

    Friday, April 25, 2014