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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt


Treasure Hunt on the Tallapoosa

The city of Tallassee will have an Easter egg hunt on Saturday from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the City Hall grounds. The event is called "Treasure Hunt on the Tallapoosa" and is for children 10 and under. 3,000 candy-filled eggs will be distributed over four areas with their perimeters defined with tape.  The age groups will be 2 and under, 3-4, 5-7 and 8-10. Parents will be allowed to assist children 2 and under.

Eggs will be filled with candy and coupons. A handful of eggs in each group will be filled with numbers that correspond to prizes, chocolate bunnies or baskets. Children will enjoy popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, crafts, balloons, and train rides. Those who attend are encourage to bring their cameras for pictures with the Easter bunny.

Volunteers are needed to assist with filling the plastic eggs. For more information...

Call City Hall


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Epperson Metro Wrestler of Year

Metro Wrestler of the Year

Josh Epperson ended his junior wrestling season with an unprecedented accomplishment. He was the first Tallassee wrestler to complete a season undefeated. The 126-pound junior was 49-0 in winning his second championship and will get an opportunity for more uncharted waters with a three-peat possibility next year. Epperson can now add "Wrester of the Year" to his resume. He is the recipient of the All-Metro honor given by the Montgomery Advertiser.
Three of Epperson's Tallassee teammates were also selected to the team; Kennon Reese (120, 46-6), Drew Baker (182, 45-6) and Jesse Rowlen (285, 42-1). Rowlen was also a state champion. B.J. Thomas (152, 43-10) was an honorable mention selection. 

Elmore County Roads

A dissection of county road safety

County roads, nationally, account for a disproportionate share of fatal accidents when compared to vehicle miles traveled. With over 50% of all fatalities occurring on rural roads, this national trend, unfortunately, is also consistent in Alabama. Safety is a major focus of the Elmore County Highway Department. Through the leadership of the Elmore County Commission, our daily focus is to ensure a safe and efficient county road and bridge network for the traveling public. Many policies and protocols are in place to maximize the effectiveness of our limited resources with regard to road and bridge safety.
The most recent example of these low cost countermeasures being implemented can be found at the intersection of Alabama Highway 14 and Cherokee Trail just west of Tallassee. Tragically, this intersection has seen two fatal accidents over the last ten years including one fairly recently. Even though all elements of the site point to the fact that the intersection and approaches meet all accepted standards for a safe driving environment, it was apparent upon reviewing the accident history that distracted driving was a contributing factor to many accidents that occurred at this location over the last decade. Another interesting fact related to this intersection was that over 80% of all the accidents occurred during the daytime hours.
In an attempt to bring more attention to the intersection and while working in concert with the Alabama Department of Transportation who owns and maintains Alabama Highway 14, larger stop signs were installed by the state at the county's request.
In addition, increased signage and rumble strips have been installed by the county on the Cherokee Trail approaches to the intersection to provide drivers a heightened awareness of the impending stop condition. This is just one of many examples countywide of how these low cost countermeasures are specifically chosen to fit the location's accident data, roadway characteristics, and the county's available resources.

You Matter

Wells says, "You Matter"

By Michael Butler 
Sgt. James Wells has spent 11 years in law enforcement. Recently, the investigator has started a new program for community youth titled, "You Matter."
"I've seen youth suicides, youth addicted to drugs, kids on alcohol, kids getting bullied at school," Wells said. "I intend to speak to the church youth groups and schools. I have a program that's for ninth graders entering their freshman year and a session for seniors leaving school."
Wells has come up with an acronym called the "B.A.D." movement. "It's youth against bullying, alcohol and drugs," he said.
Wells during an interview at WTLS

The availability of alcohol is a serious issue according to Wells. "I call alcohol a drug because it is addicting and it will hurt you. The problem with alcohol is it's everywhere; the service station, shopping centers... everywhere. There's one low-life that will buy the alcohol for the kids. Every place has one of these people. I'm sure Tallassee has one too."

Last week, Wells spoke to a group of middle school students at the Wall Street Community Center that he called "attentive and well-behaved."
"Communication - that's the key. In this day and age of how busy everything is, family communication is shot," Wells said. "Talking to the kids, I explain that. I also have a parent session."

Wells is having a website developed that will be available soon at: To schedule Wells as a speaker, call him 334-868-8133.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tallassee Times TV offerings

Tallassee Times TV offerings...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Career Day

Southside Middle School

Students Mary Gaston (left) and Ann Claire Dantro speak with Ida Turner, retired teacher with Tallassee City Schools, about futures in education at last Thursday's Career Day at Tallassee High School.
This and other

First Pitch

Tallassee Tigers Sports

Tallassee mayor Bobby Payne along with city council members David Stough, Rob Rygiel, Darrell Wilson, Charles Blalock and Heather Johnson toss the ceremonial first pitches to open the youth softball season on Saturday at the Tallassee Softball Complex. See more pictures in the Photos section.