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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Be A Martian

I earned 60,000 air miles on the NASA OR1ON Delta IV  Spacecraft.
Here is my boarding pass for the next test flight.

If all goes well, I'm going to Mars.
Join me by getting your own boarding pass here:

OK! Only our names etched on the Orion space capsule payload will go, not us. Still, it might be fun to have your name etched on the Martian lander sitting on mars. Or the name of  your dad, mom, son or daughter!
The next flight is December 4th, 5th or 6th, however, the last day to register is OCTOBER 31st.

You only have 10 days left to register.

After each flight the names will be recovered and placed on the next flight. Eventually the final flight will be to mars.

Why isn't Alabama in the top five?

Alabama is in 22nd place, Can you believe that!
We have NASA in Huntville. We built most of the stuff that took us to the moon.Huntsville is in charge of many current NASA programs. I can see Texas and Florida being in the top three, but why isn't Alabama? We are behind Tennessee and Wisconsin for crying out loud!

If every Adult in Tallassee signed up, Alabama would move to 5th place. Sign up your kids and relatives, and we could be in the top three. Tell everybody in Elmore Co. and if only half of them helped us could be in first place.

Why We Should Do This!

If we can move Alabama up to the top 5 in just 10 days, we would turn some heads a NASA. Heck! I bet even the BBC would do a story about Tallassee.
Huntsville built most of that stuff up there in space. We built most of the equipment that took us to the moon. Dozens of our current deep space projects are run out of Alabama, yet, the mainstream media only ever mentions Texas or Florida when they cover NASA. We have many space industries here in Alabama. We should get more NASA contracts.

Lets do this like a flash mob. 

We have ten days!

Go sign up HERE:
Be sure to send out some emails. POST IT ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G+ or your favorite social site.
Pass the word at school, work or church.
Call your Favorite radio station!
Include your boarding pass link on every Facebook post you do between now and the end of the month.

If all these reason't aren't enough, then think about how important your kids education is. Put their names on the list and follow the space program with them. They may surprise you with what they think about having their name in space.