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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bob's Bytes Tuesday March 11th 2014

Buying a new PC?
Here is a great test you can do at the store on the PC's you might buy.
First try this on your old PC

Open the browser, and type (or just click this link)
Type in Tallassee as the name of your town.
Notice that your mouse acts as a hawk as the birds fly around on the screen.
Verify that they scatter when your cursor gets close.
Watch the video and listen to the audio.
Do all the windows have video in them? Do scenes from Tallassee get incorporated into the video?
When asked, draw your name with the mouse, It will look better if you start at the bottom of each stroke when drawing. When you finish drawing, the birds will land in the trees you drew.
You might want to run it again using your street address instead of just Tallassee.

Didn't work on your old PC, Try it again using the chrome browser.
Now that you have seen what it does on your old PC you are ready to do some shopping.
Be sure to go to a store that has internet access.
launch the browser. (On Windows 8, use the desktop browser)

There should be no errors. Everything should be nice and smooth, Audio should not break up.
It should look much better than on your old PC. The birds should appear to fly from one window to another.

When comparing two PC's run this page side by side at the same time if possible.

I chose this page because it uses a lot of processor power. The speed of the internet does not matter, because the video is generated on the local PC. It uses all the latest features of the current generation of video cards. If the computer crashes, fails to display all the windows or seems sluggish, don't buy it. This should run on any NEW PC, even ones costing less than $300.00