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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's ball season

The weather was just about perfect.

 By Michael Butler 

I took some time off for spring break to be with the kids this past week.  .

The advent of the season means more than just warmer weather and blooming azaleas.  It’s ball season.

Dixie Youth Opening Day last Saturday rekindles fond memories.  I remember loading up on the back of a pickup truck in the Tallaweka Baptist Church parking lot.  All the teams would parade through town.  A lot of ball caps ended up on Gilmer Avenue.

My first year of Little League was with the Lions’ Braves. My grandfather, Thomas Stalnaker, was our coach.  His name is now on the scoreboard where opening ceremonies took place Saturday.  I miss having a wad of Big League Chew and hearing his voice, ‘Hit the ball, shuga!’

I now live a couple of blocks away from the ballpark, within shouting distance of those mamas and daddies.

My two boys will be playing t-ball for the first time this year.  I've had a ball introducing them to “America’s Favorite Pastime.”

I’ll try not to embarrass them too much. But if you hear a ‘Hit the ball shuga,” it might be me.

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