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Sunday, December 15, 2013

SMS Band in Troy

The Troy University "MS SEUS," Middle School Southeastern United States Honor Band and Directors Clinic, was held at Troy University Dec. 5-7.  Southside band students played scales and sight reading in chair placement auditions.  Here were the results: GOLD BAND - Kelsey Butler, 15th chair alto saxophone; Jacob Lawrence, 2nd chair baritone saxophone. SILVER BAND - Madelaine Worley, 9th chair clarinet; Jean Leah Atkins, 1st chair oboe; Emily Stillwell, 9th chair alto saxophone; Jordan Wallace, 6th chair percussion; Reign Jones, 8th chair percussion.
CARDINAL BAND - Sarah Smith, 22nd chair flute; Charlecia Skipper, 19th chair clarinet; Hadden Langley, 3rd chair alto saxophone; Ashlyn Diamond, 1st chair tenor saxophone; Elizabeth Stillwell, 5th chair trumpet; Brien Brooks, 22nd chair trumpet; Jacob Brown, 5th chair trombone; Matthew Bice, 1st chair tuba; John Jackson, 4th chair percussion; James Ledbetter, 8th chair percussion. Submitted by Michael Bird.


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