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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bob's Trivia Question For Tuesday January 14th 2013

I created a wallpaper for your desktop that is a great conversation starter. It's called the "Eye of the Earth" (or sometimes the Eye of the Sahara).
It was discover by the early astronauts during their first orbital flights. They thought it was a meteor crater. Photo's shows it was 30 miles in diameter. Being an unknown crater, geologist soon visited the location and found it wasn't a crater at all. Instead it was a mound with the center of the eye several hundred feet high. Instead of a big hole, it was shaped like a huge eye. Geologist named it the Richat Structure and still debate the exact origin of the Eye of the Earth.

Click on these small images to see the full size versions. Then right click the full size version to download it or set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Search Richat Structure on Google or Wikipedia so you can amaze you friends with the surprising history of the earth's eye.
I created these wallpapers from satellite images in several popular sizes to fit different monitors. I even included a wide version for dual monitor systems.

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