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Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to view our video

We want to make the video viewable for as many people as possible. We send out our video at speeds that should be easily handled on Bright House Cable or DSL.

If you can view YouTube videos, then your computer has the software to watch our video. If your computer does not have the required software, you will be prompted to install Flash, and / or Java. The installations only take a minute and are pretty much automatic.

If you see the video, audio and chat, but the video freezes or goes black once in a while, then here are some things you can do to improve your reception.:

  • Close down all other programs. This frees up your processor and memory so your computer can keep up with the video.

  • On a PC, look down at the clock in the lower right hand corner, If there are Icons to the clock's left, other than speaker and Internet connection, right click them and select exit if available. In particular exit the programs that check mail, search you drives, check for a camera.

  • If you are on a wireless connection, and a wired Ethernet connection is available use the wired connection.

  • If you are on a wireless connection, move closer to the wireless router to get a stronger signal.

Please note: If the video pauses once in a while when we play back prerecorded video or video on demand, but works when we are , then the problem is due to the Internet being busy. We are working on ways to improve that. You can tell it is playing prerecorded content if you see only "ON-AIR" at the bottom of the video screen. When you see "ON-AIR ", you should not experience any freezing. If you do, try closing you browser and go to our page again.


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