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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Webcam Adds Another Element to Broadcasts

I found this on the web site at
I'll repeat it here, and thank the staff for the nice reporting.

Staff Report
WTLS radio has been broadcasting Tallassee High School football games since 1954. Initially, the games were played on Saturday mornings only. In 1999 the broadcasts were aired live on Friday nights.
In the 2000's, games have been available through the internet, allowing people to listen anywhere in the world. Bright House Networks Cable TV Channel 15 also airs the broadcast, which begins at 6:00 with a one-hour pregame show and concludes with the "Scoreboard Show" at 11:00.
This season, a webcam has offered those who can not attend games on Friday nights, an option to view the action in real time. The web channel from WTLS, in conjunction with the Tallassee Times, is called Tallassee Times TV. It debuted during the preseason game with Tallassee and Wetumpka.

Other offerings include "Football Fridays," the weekly show with Tallassee Head Football Coach Rodney Dollar shot on location at ET's Subs and Salads on Gilmer Avenue at noon each week during football season. Plans are to produce other programs for the world wide web. WTLS hopes to have its daily morning shows; The Way of the Cross and The Wake-Up Call, on-line soon.
All programs are being saved to a directory. The on-demand library will allow people to watch recorded programs at their leisure. Since being launched less than two weeks ago, there have been more than 30,000 hits on the site.

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